Kenaz / Kena / Kano

Kenaz is the sixth rune of the elder Futhark system.

Kenaz (also Kena or Kano) is the Celtic rune meaning torch. The torch symbolizes illumination of something that was dark before. It is shedding light on matters of doubt or confusion. The torch also shows the path of light that leads you back to truth. Knowledge and intellect are qualities connected with it. This rune reminds you to maintain clarity of thought in order to take powerful action. A dark and perhaps confused chapter is left behind. Now a new chapter of life begins. You embark on a journey of exploration and creativity. Kenaz reminds you of the great powers within that you are ready to make use of now.


Mannaz is the root letter of our modern letter M.

The Celtic rune Mannaz represents the self within each and every human. Generally, it also symbolizes the essence and true nature of whole humankind. Regardless of sex or gender, blood or colour, family or status. We are human family and our bond is tight. Still every human experiences this journey from life to death alone. When you cut Mannaz into half you get the rune for "joy" and its reflection. Be attentive not to lose yourself in pleasure and joy. Individuality in its true and simple way means: undividedness. 

The Love Key

This binding rune is not part of the traditional Futhark, but a modern invention.

This key resembling rune may not be part of the most commonly known system of runic alphabets, the Elder Futhark. It can be rather described as a binding rune: a rune binded together by using different already existing runes, creating something new and powerful. The key can be read as the key to the heart. The key to something mystical and magical. The key to the most precious realms that we can experience: the realm of Love. Love is where we are coming from. It is our origin and destiny. It can open doors and eyes. Those blind for love do not see the actual reality of life in truth. How to approach love? How to get access to it? How to use this magical and powerful key?


There are two runes of the Elder Futhark system that constitute the Love rune: There is Ansuz, the mirrored line with two smaller lines on its side pointing downwards. It stands for peace and unity. A partnership derives its strength from a commitment to togetherness. It is based on respect towards each other and towards oneself. The one loving oneself knows how to love and respect the other.


The small diamond at the end of the rune is the Ingwaz. It represents communication, revelation and even divine prophecies. In its essence it represents the words and messages conveyed through speech. Communication lifts the veil from the eyes of an ego-centred person. It is fundamental for a healthy relationship. It requires listening as well as speaking clearly. Only the one misunderstands that cannot listen. Only the one is misunderstood that cannot speak.