Sometimes I am confronted with people expressing experiences of "I distanced myself from Reiki", "I am against Reiki" or "I don't want to be connected with people pacticing Reiki". This doesn't happen too often, but often enough to have made me ponder on why that is.

I see that transparency about any offering is super important and in my view should be a priority. I also see that it is difficult to be transparent with something as Reiki - a non-verbal, invisible healing modality that offers much potential for fraud or lack of real effect.

Because really: How may one know if someone truly masters Reiki or gives his and her genuine devotion to this practice?

What I feel is: go with your gut feeling. If you are genuinely looking for an authentic reiki practitioner you will know when the right one is standing in front of you.

This is not to put any label on the Reiki community. I am deeply honoured and humbled to call myself a Reiki Master and offer my service to all that want to heal through Rei-Ki.

I simply want to bring some transparency into what I really "do" when I am holding space for Reiki. (Read my next post for that.)

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