In the vedic scripture of Yajur-Vedah it says:

“From that atman (Supreme soul) space came into being, from space wind, from wind fire, from fire water, from water earth, from earth plants, from plants food, from food man came into being.”

Space / Akasha

The element of Space is shown as black or colourless in an elliptical shape. The part above the eyebrow, the third eye, triggers this element. Characteristics of space or akasha are vision and sound.

Wind / Vayu

The element of Wind is depicted in hexagonal shape. The chakra connected to it is the heart chakra. Touch is its key sense. Wind or vayu is also linked to sound.

Fire / Agni

The element of Fire is shown in a red triangle. Its chakra is located between navel and heart, the Manipura. Here the key sense is sight. Imagination and visualization play their role. Fire or agni is also linked to sound, touch and form.

Water / Apas

The chakra of the Water element is located between navel and knees, including sacral and Root Chakra. As we know, the human body consists of 65-70% water. When born it is even about 90%. Water plays a vital role. The sense connected to this element is taste. Water or apas is also linked to sound, touch and form.

Earth / Prithvi

The element of Earth is shown as a square. Its key sense is smell. We are earth. We are flesh. We are consistent in our human shape. Earth or prithvi is linked to sound, touch, form, taste and smell.