...translates to "healing handcraft" (German)

p r e s e n c e

The Heilungshandwerk was founded by me, Atha, to express one key aspect that differentiates sustainable healing from shallow one. I don’t believe that one needs to try dozens of different healing modalities or therapies until one comes to terms with who he and she really is. When I am truly present with that being in front of me that decided to have a session with me healing is happening accelerated. Resistance for healing dissolves. Unconditional presence sheds light on what this resistance is actually always about: fear of unknown. Fear of change. Fear of transformation. And why does one fear that? Because in this period of transition pain is likely to be felt. And that is uncomfortable. In this period of transition one will have to let go of social, emotional, metaphysical and genetic connections that seemed to be everlasting ones. Also this can be felt as painful. We get to know ourselves anew in presence. Unconditional attention. Pure devotion. One would not be afraid of pain as (some)one is these days when we in our innate human system would follow programming of higher frequencies. When we wouldn't be filled with post-traumatic disorders and unconscious reaction patterns reaching back to the suffering, mistreatment as well as harmful actions of our ancestors.

s t a y

r e w i r e

What one wants for this process of transformation, shedding and becoming is a safe space. A safe space is a space in which one is free to express his- and herself in any way. Really in any way. A safe space does not continue the mental program of evaluation, bias analysis, suppression, rejection, blame, shame and judgement. A safe space is birthed from neutrality and openness. A safe space is founded on the inner knowing that whoever you choose to be or not to be during our coming together is accepted, seen, felt and listened to. Presence allows your very own system to go through its ongoing process of change, restructure and rebirth more purely and aligned. When I am present I allow everything that wants to happen to really happen holistically. I do not reject anything unconsciously on a mental, emotional, physical, ethereal or spiritual level. When I am present I am friendly in my attitude. I see everything as my friend, as part of myself. Nothing is separated from me. Even those qualities that leave my system and are feeling non-serving are still part of me. Only when I see things as part of myself I reclaim my capacity to shapeshift anything that does not operate in alignment with my soul desires.

s e e

s o u l

The journey of the soul never ends. The journey of the soul also does not have one beginning. The way the stream of each soul is designed is timeless and shapeless. The soul can be described via moments in time and space, but transcends those axes. The soul wants to be expressed in incountable ways. The frequency of the soul is higher than any pain program, dark paradigm, mental slavery, rigid duality or closed-up mindset. The Heilungshandwerk aligns those with their soul frequency that follow the open invitation. Living in alignment with soul is a natural state – though many have forgotten how to “do” or rather be and embody that alignment. The Heilungshandwerk offers services of different character that allow your soul frequency to permeate yourself. Organically you align more with that essence of you that wants to live your life from place of heart and soul. The unconscious is made conscious during our coming together. At the same time we just let things happen without analysing them. It is a dance of remaining sceptical and therefor self-sovereign and allowing mystical miracle to do their thing and remind us of the wonder that the life given truly is.

b e

d e s i r e

I founded the Heilungshandwerk to be a bridge between a prevalent paradigm of unconscious pain creation, self sabotaging mindsets and exploitative behaviour patterns and a new/ancient earth that thrives through its unapologetical expression of raw beauty and honest creation. I once heard a teacher saying that healers heal one by one, one soul at a time and that is somehow true. The Heilungshandwerk offers its services in 1x1 sessions only. The alignment with soul may appear to be something minor in some ears, but it is essential and foundational to living in harmony with the spiritual forces and natural phenomenons. My soul inspires me to create when fear asks me to sleep. My soul bridges me between earth and the heavens, between life of persona and call of spirit. The human system is inspiring a relaxed nervous system when sustained through the power of living in alignment with soul. I feel good when I know my soul, my path, my story, my calling, my desire, my life.

a l i g n