…and how does it benefit you?

e d u c a t e

Reiki is a gentle healing modality that works through the realms that are unseen for the human eyes.

It therefor remains for some quite a mystical offering that stretches as far as one not wanting to receive Reiki due to the lack of control one commits to when receiving a Reiki session.

Some people associate Reiki with negative results and unpleasant effects.

There are many stories about Reiki floating around – sadly not only in the people’s minds, but exercised by certified “Reiki practitioners”.

r e i k i

Reiki operates through the concentration & channeling of life force energy. This life force energy happens to be the all-sustaining life force. It is that fuel that gives life to everything. If it leaves something, this something appears to “die”.

This is Ki. Ki is the all-sustaining life force energy. It enlivens people, flowers, the sea, fire, a chair, metals, wood, …

Ki wants to flow. Ki wants to be ultra-present. Ki wants to accompany your life journey. Ki wants to adjust to every change in your physical, mental and spiritual constitution.

Ki needs to flow to support and enliven you and all that makes up you: your ideas, your dreams, your conscious life creation, your voice, your physical expression, your mindset, … - really everything.

k i

Imagine Ki with the sound of tiny glass beads that are moving gently through your system. These glass beads hold energy of super light frequencies.

Ki is benign. Ki wants life. The only duty of Ki is to sustain life. To remember real life. Pure life.

When you receive a Reiki treatment this is what you really receive: the activation of the flow of Ki in your own system.

Wherever your present constitution may lack the flow of Ki, Reiki will work there.

Wherever negative imprints may be covering the truth of your harmonious energetical field, Reiki will work there.

Wherever lack of consciousness may have led to experiences of pain, suffering and darkness, Reiki will work there.

The glass beads start to play again. To connect again. To move again.

g l a s s   b e a d s   g a m e

The only possible way for Ki to be activated by a human being in service to another human being is via the operation of Rei. Rei makes up the first part of the word Rei-Ki and it is the primal condition for Reiki.

Rei cannot be translated with one word only. Its semantic charge is infinite. Rei refers to the universal energy, the supreme force, the highest spirit.

This is the channeling that is happening here. A Reiki practitioner is an empty vessel for the Reiki. A Reiki practitioner steps back from his and her ego identity for the full duration of the coming together for a session.

Nothing matters here except for the intelligent operation of the Reiki. The Reiki practitioner surrenders to that what wants to be worked through in the session.

The Reiki is in service and in service only to the life of the one who receives. The is no guidance of the practitioner and no personal energy that is used. It is pure life force revealed.

r e i

Reiki works through the chakras of the person that receives. There are more than 100 chakras known. Some speak of thousands. Chakras are energy centres, unseen for the human eyes. They are interconnected with each other and with the environment of a person.

The chakras “inhale” energy of super high frequency and transform it to that frequency that is needed by the individual part of the body of the human so that it is sustained for its life experience.

There are specific hand placements handed down by the Usui Reiki masters. However a practitioner may train his and her own intuitive hand placement by practicing Reiki on his and her self as well as on others.

i n t u i t i o n