hello, everyone! just wanted to make a public post to be clear in my intentions for this page (and transparency is really important to me as a creator). this also helps me organize myself as i tend to wear many hats (often at the same time) 🤠

this page (at the moment) aims to make connections with others through tarot readings and birth chart readings. although i am not a "professional/certified" astrologer/tarot reader, what matters to me is not my titles but my commitment to growing beyond my current knowledge. i do this for fun :) i genuinely enjoy getting to know other people and to learn from them as well.

i am also an artist and intend to sell 35mm film prints, original art prints, commissions, etc. in the near future as well as upload sketchbook references both on here and on gumroad. this is the next project as soon as i get the hang of balancing creating and curating a buy me a coffee page + your personal readings! more things to come soon :)

when i'm not reading the cards or the cosmos, i am a full-time student at uc berkeley. being in a research-based environment shapes my understandings of human connectivity and i learn just as much from day-to-day interactions as i do in a classroom. i love teaching and helping others, especially in understanding how we all step into our power in our own uniquely human ways! once the semester starts, i will likely cut down my reading slots, but will keep everyone updated 📚

thank you for taking the time to read through this post! this dream is something i've been working on for so long and i am grateful and elated to be in the here and now! and i am grateful to have so much beautiful support! have a beautiful day🌞 

-dani 🌿