I have made a Funnel website with just H ...

I have made a Funnel website with just HTML CSS

Feb 20, 2022

Hello dear DEV community, I am Atul currently I'm working on a challenge which is 10 responsive websites with HTML & CSS.

Originally posted on DEV.to

This challenge is inspired by Florin pop's challenge which is hosted on youtube.

The actual goal of this challenge is to remove fear from our minds that we can make much much and much better responsive websites without using Javascript.

So this is 4th website from our challenge I have already designed the other 3 catchy websites which are as follows.

I have recorded this video also to show you guys.

To be honest I haven't designed the UI UX of this Course funnel website. I have taken design inspiration from cartflow website templates which are WordPress based website templates but I have designed them with only HTML and CSS.

Check out the open source repository

Now lets take a look on the features of this course funnel website

  • HTML5 & CSS3

  • No framework

  • Funnel ready design

  • Responsive Template

  • Free icons used

  • Pixel Perfect

  • Clean & Unique Design

  • Easy to customize

  • Retina Ready

  • Unlimited Colors

  • Boxed or Wide layout

  • SEO friendly

  • Super fast loading speed

Live Demo

Now I am waiting for your feedback and responses about my work and ideas in the comment section. Another 6 projects pending on my bucket list. You will get a notification for that to make sure you are already following me. That's it for now I will see you in the next DEV post.

Cheers atul ☺️

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