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At Audio Bacon we value genuine impressions from actual listening tests. Due to age, exposure to loud concerts, birth defects, and life experiences, no two ears hear exactly the same. There’s much to be said about the human emotional response to music. Given the fact we all listen differently, we feel these are just elements that can’t be quantified.
Although we see the merit of measuring and taking an objective approach, we believe one’s enjoyment of music is largely subjective and prefer to approach from that angle. Just because a piece of equipment measures well – doesn’t mean it sounds great to everyone. And for us, that’s reason enough to stick to listening tests.
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Kenny Chow
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Your reviews of Chord products are absolutely accurate and very genuine. Especially the comparison between TT2 & DAVE. Greatly helped the buying decision & confirmed my thoughts after comparing them.  Thank you for your reviews.

Kenny Chow
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Thank you for your reviews.  I've really benefited from your findings.

Edwin Chann
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Really appreciate your work.  Thanks