In this post, I give you 5 tips for developing consistency and managing your time effectively when producing content for your podcast. This will not only help you be stay on schedule and be consistent with your uploads, but will also help you better manage your mind and hopefully avoid burning out.

Tip #1) Creating a content list

A content list is essentially a running list of your episode ideas and topics. I personally like to create my content lists in a spreadsheet, such as Google Docs/Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

To create your content list:

  • Write out each topic or episode idea

  • Add any ideas/notes/blurbs you’d like to include in the episode (this way you’ll remember when it comes time to make an outline and record your episode)

  • Add any questions you want to answer in your episode

  • And add any relevant titles or tags that you can think of on the spot.

I personally do this for my podcast episodes in one tab of my spreadsheet, my membership content in another tab, and my video or course content in a third tab.

Content creators (especially those in the beginning stages of starting a podcast) tend to struggle with the fear of not having enough ideas to consistently talk about or teach a topic...

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