Buy AudioPluginGuy a coffee


Hello! Stu here from Audio Plugin Guy!

Someone suggested I get set up on here because now and then, someone might wanna buy me a coffee to say thanks for all the work I do with Audio Plugin Guy in the audio community.

Seems like a nice idea. ☕

Erik van Wees
Erik van Wees bought 5 coffees.

Thank You Stu, have a coffee with Pedro ....

Thanks so much! Will do! ❤️ 

Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson bought 4 coffees.

Have a nice birthday. Keep up the good work. Bah Kontakt

Thanks! Bah! ❤️ 

Johan Anders Paulsen
Johan Anders Paulsen bought 5 coffees.

Thanks for all your hard work, Stu. ❤️

Thank *you*! ❤️ 

Vincent L. Rake
Vincent L. Rake bought 5 coffees.

thanks for all the work you do, you bastard, i've spent so much money on 'deals' i heard about via apd that I may have start selling my organs to pay my bills. so..keep up the good work? i guess?

Hahaha.  I'm sorry. Thanks for the coffees though! ❤️ 

Andrew Fly
Andrew Fly bought 5 coffees.

Finally, I know how to support YOU!!!!! All the best my friend!

Oh wow. Just saw this. Thanks so much!