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Hi! I'm Audrey and I'm a data scientist!

I recently graduated from college, where I first began my fitness journey. I've never been a fitness expert, and I've never been able to achieve the body that influencers seem to have, but I've still learned a lot on my journey and have some tips to share with the regular folks who are just trying to get better!

I've got a blog set up to share these tips with the world. 

My goals are to:

– Inspire other young women to get out there and enjoy all of the benefits of fitness without getting bogged down by toxic culture and expectations

– Use my data science background to share some interesting insights for women's sports fans

– Help people wade through all the confusing information and advertisements about products by summarizing which items are really worth it (and for whom)

– Provide tips and answers to frequently asked beginner questions based on scientific evidence and on my own experience

If you get a lot of benefit out of the blog, please consider supporting my work! It helps me continue to produce content that you all want!