I’ll tell you a few ways you can significantly reduce your cost of living in Dubai. This is all through first hand experience.

  1. Cancel all your credit cards. Spend cash on everything. You need to feel your bank account drying up, which in turn will make you spend less.

  2. Avoid Salik. I know it isn't much money, but trust me, I don't even drive a lot and I end up spending AED 250 a month on Salik.

  3. Stop driving like a maniac. You’ll save a lot on petrol and won't have to pay the hefty speeding tickets.

  4. Don’t take a loan of any kind. The interest will kill you from the inside.

  5. Pre-drink on your night out and only carry AED 100 for two drinks. There have been instances where I’ve blown an upwards of AED 600 on nights out. What do I get in return? A hangover and regret.

  6. Stop going out on NYE and other silly occasions. Everything costs 3x the normal price.

  7. Stop shopping at Spinney’s/Choithram’s/Waitrose. Go to Lulu Centre/Union Co-op/Carrefour.

  8. Stop eating out so much. I know it is tempting when you have so much amazing food around you, but just don't do it. Instead of that AED 30 meal, you could buy enough raw material for 4 meals.

  9. Stop trying to conform to what your friends want you to do and ALWAYS stay in your financial lane. Don't try to ‘buy’ anyone’s admiration with money. Instead, do the opposite. Act broke (because you are broke).

  10. JOIN A FITNESS CENTRE. Trust me on this. When you’re bored, go to this magical place and spent a couple of hours to kill boredom and bring happiness into your mind and body.