Instagram Influencers choose Dubai because it represents all the good things we come to know as humans. It portrays an abundance of wealth, luxury, high standard of living, great brands, excellent international and local foods, good weather, best fashion, and contemporary living. It is the one city in the middle east that accurately represents “East meets West.”

Influencers Experience East Meets West

For influencers that want to experience the Middle Eastern and Islamic Culture while being free to indulge in the magnificence of freedom and modernity, Dubai would be the Country to choose. It’s not only safe when it comes to its economic and political situation, but it also has the best of East and West.

Global City of Food

Emiratis indulge in foods and cuisines, and though they might mostly prefer their own Arabic Foods, they are certainly not foreign to foods from other parts of the world. Additionally, Dubai is a Global City with expatriates and migrants everywhere, so it’s filled with international brands, cuisines, and tastes.

Henceforward if you are an Influencer with a niche for food and cuisines, you would certainly want to go to Dubai once, or in some examples shown below, even move there to the food heaven of the world.

Dominating the Mountain of Riches

Emiratis’ typically have net assets of nearly 99,000 US Dollars; that shows that people in Dubai have the money to spend and crave the quality. So being an influencer in Dubai would not be hard. Especially if what you are promoting or representing is a product that is luxurious, modern, and contemporary.

Additionally, since Dubai is known for the luxury of everything excellent, the brands and companies prefer to have influencers represent their products from Dubai, where it represents wealth and indulgence.

Hotels and Marketing

Generally, in the UAE and Dubai, 94% of businesses believe working with influencers is beneficial to their brand. 49% already work with influencers, and 43% spend at least $10,000 to $50,000 US Dollars for each campaign and with one influencer.

Although hotels and restaurants are requested by the government to only work with licensed influencers, especially since some wannabe influencers tend to ask for Dh50,000 or more for each post, but might not deliver through engagement and return of investment.

Financial Advantage of Being an Influencer in Dubai

There are over 1000 Instagram Influencers in Dubai. According to a statistic on Influencers, they charge the highest average rate per post globally in UAE. Thus, it’s no shocker that 11 percent admitted they become a UAE creator because of the Financial gain.

In Dubai, Influencers command at least $1000 to $5000 US Dollars for every post equivalent to (Dh3,600 to Dh18,300). 94 Percent of Instagram Influencers charge this way.

Influencer with a Niche in Hospitality

In Dubai, based in 2019, there are 100,744 Hotel Rooms and more than 25,000 service apartments. Competition is high, and Consumers tend to trust user-generated content more than traditional advertisements. That is why Dubai’s Hotel and Tourism Industry has pushed its focus towards Social Media Marketing through Influencers.

Since Dubai is focusing on tourism, it’s an excellent market for influencers to get into, especially in the hospitality, travel, and tourism niche. However, they don’t always pay these creators. 76% of Instagram Influencers said they don’t necessarily get paid and instead accept free products and experiences from the brands and hotels.

Dubai and Influencers

Suppose you are looking to go to Dubai as an influencer for a trip or as a permanent resident. I can say it is undoubtedly worthwhile because you can not only experience a new culture and adventure. But also gain a financial advantage that might rarely come in many other countries. Accordingly, pack your bags and head on to the Global City of Dubai because what you will find as an influencer will be far more pleasurable than any experience explainable in one answer.