Buy aufwie a coffee


Ey up 👋

I felt in the need of creating this sort of funding 'cause economy here is spiraling downwards and it has really been a struggle for me to keep up. There's no studio appointments or any open venues to perform at :( So I literally can't do anything but stay at home unable to work.

I really want to continue creating new exciting music and for that, sadly, I need to ask you for a little contribution. If you have the chance and want to collaborate with me by buying me a coffee, you'll be helping me to keep my dreams afloat ❤️

Every coffee is $5 but you can send as many as you want and I get to keep every penny :)

As a way of rewarding your contribution:

If you donate $50 (10 cups), I'll record an acoustic cover of any song you choose and send it to you MP3 + Video!

If you donate $100 (20 cups) or more, I'll make a full band version of any song you choose and send you MP3 + Video! 

Thank you very much! ❤️