A Word From The Author

My heart was actually trembling since this is the first time that I am publishing my works on a web platform.

 This is only the beginning of “I SEE GHOST” series. Luckily, the readers’ responses were more welcoming than I’ve expected and this really gave me a huge encouragement.

At all times, I would unintentionally log on to

“I SEE GHOST” to see whether the numbers of people browsing and subscribing did increase or not.

Even if the numbers increased by a person or two, I would be very happy.

I like to interact with my readers, especially on a web platform where it is quicker and more direct.

Also, I will not miss out on any encouragements, comments or the personal experiences being shared by my readers. I will do my best to personally respond to each of you.

Even though this may sound corny, I still want to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart.

Your support gives me more drive to continue with this series.