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G'day there! My name is Gavin, and I founded a YouTube channel to teach others everything I know about BIM. I think knowledge is most powerful when it's shared openly, so I produce videos twice a week on my channel which teach you everything I know about Revit, Dynamo and more. I do this all in my spare time when I'm not consulting via my other business, so if you like what I do and feel inclined to support me feel free to buy me a coffee (it probably actually will go towards my coffee!).
Paulus Present
Paulus Present bought 5 coffees.

Thanks for your very instructive videos. I actually link to your material as additional content for the students at our university in Ghent (Belgium). Keep up the good work!

You're welcome Paulus, thanks for the support! It always makes me glad to hear my content is reaching students around the world :)

David Vaughn
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Thanks for the coffee, and hope the script works well for your company!

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Thanks Vuk!

Joseph Kirkpatrick
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Thank you for the amazing content as well for help when needed.

Thanks Joseph! Much more to come in future, and glad to be of assistance 😃 

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Keep the awesome work! 

Thanks Ricard, will do :)