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Hello, I’m Amelia D. Hay. I write under the pen name A. D. Hay, and I’m the author of the amateur sleuth mystery novels The Candidate, Suspicion, and Duplicity. I’m the host of The Mystery Novel Nerd Podcast and the host of The Authorpreneur Podcast, and the blogger behind The Authorpreneur Blog.

About The Authorpreneur Podcast

I started this podcast and the blog to guide writers just like you through the exact steps to write, edit, publish and market your first and subsequent books, minus the pain and confusion that comes with starting something new. Essentially, the blog and podcast act as a virtual book coach minus the hefty price tag.

The Authorpreneur Podcast is broken up into seasons, with each season focusing on a specific aspect of the process of self-publishing. Within each episode is broken into two parts. The first is a fifteen-minute show on writing craft or publishing-related. And the second part is my Behind the Scenes Podcast Diary, where I share an honest account of my journey to self-publishing her novels, including lessons learned along the way, in under five minutes.

Each episode takes four hours to research, outline, write, practice, record, and edit. And, the blog posts on The Authorpreneur Blog take three to four hours to produce, depending on the topic; this is why I only create a weekly podcast and a monthly blog post.

By choosing to support the podcast and or blog, you are helping me cover the hosting costs and become a member of a community of authorpreneurs. I look forward to chatting with you in the comments, reading your suggestions for content and improving the podcast. 👋

About the Mystery Novel Nerd Podcast

The Mystery Novel Podcast is a virtual book club for readers of mystery and thriller novels hosted by cozy mystery and amateur sleuth mystery author Amelia D. Hay. Twice a month, the podcast will bring you a short discussion on Amelia's latest reads, book hauls, and spoiler-free book reviews over a cup of tea.

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