Mar 24, 2021

10 Mins reads - The Series initiative to spread the message about the book to the eager audiences around the world. The series has been designed with the first two chapters from the book and a few topics from the third chapter.This orderly series will give new readers a peek into the book and lay foundation for the more advanced explanations in later chapters.The 8 parts in the series will contain the following topics and you can read them in an order to go stpe by step into the... more

Mar 09, 2021

Personalities could happen if emotions overpower the thoughts while forming a mind? We have seen, read about and heard of different types of personalities or characters in people. We have some innate characteristics that differentiate us from others. The experiences we add up in our brains give rise to our thoughts. But, when the emotions we experience during the thought process result in a newer set of thoughts, some of which we have never experienced before, a... more

Mar 09, 2021

The Mind – An excerpt from The Concept of ‘God’ mind is described as ‘an extension of the soul’ by the Yogis and Siddhas. However, it shouldn’t be mixed with the functions of the brain. The brain is a tangible physical entity, but the mind is an intangible construct. Though the mind has its base in the physical body and more specifically, the brain, its functioning is much more complex than the brain and its component parts. As research goes on to... more

Mar 08, 2021

An Overdose of Rationality‘Don’t eat that, it’s against our religion!’, ‘Don’t do that, our religion forbids that!’, ‘Don’t wear that dress, it’s not our culture, it’s theirs!’  ‘Don’t talk to them, they belong to that caste!’, ‘Don’t trust them, they belong to that religion!’.Are you used to hearing these words? Is your religion controlling so much of... more

Mar 08, 2021

The Pet Plant of us are used to having pets. They could be pups, kittens, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, lambs, calfs, or sometimes chameleons like in the movie ‘Tangled’. But, people seldom have plants as their pets. When someone does have a pet plant, people look at them like they are crazy, talking to the leaves and branches and nodding to them whenever they shake off in the wind.There is an aversion to the plant community in terms of considering them... more

The Pet Plant
An Overdose of Rationality
The Mind – An excerpt from The Concept of ‘God’
10 Mins reads - The Series


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