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As you might have guessed, this is a blog about web automation, testing and all the ecosystem around those.

I hope that by now, if you are blessed enough to perceive visually the conceptualization of this blog, you might have noticed that it strikes as different than most technical, if you may, content sites.

The difference, I aim to be making, lies at one main goal that appears almost as an afterthought in other places that you seek technical information from. The goal is to make opening this website and browsing its contents a real visual joy. How I did got about it ?
  • Warm color palette
  • Playful, almost meaningless drawings
  • At times taking a chance at software insider jokes
  • Weird cursive fonts

From my experiences in the world of software and how rapidly it is progressing, all the frameworks, the libraries, the techniques, it can make one feel anxious about being required to consume and understand all of these intricacies. 

Is it important ? Heck yes it is. Your career, financials and dreams might depend on it. But in this race, can there be a relaxing spot where you can keep getting the relevant technical stuff?

Why not give it a try? That was what I felt like at least while building this blog.

If you want to see a new post about a specific recipe or an exploration around a topic about web automation, there is nothing easier to do than just send a tweet with your request or question.