Buy Auvien Viole a book


Hello, dear Pumpkins! I share my thoughts and ideas in the form of poems and articles. You can see my works on Instagram @auvien and my blog

I just created a page here. You can now support me by buying me a book! I will use it to improve my contents whether it's on Instagram, blog, or any other social media (and to be very honest, I'll save some to continue my master in UK!). The good news is, I will only use 30% of it, and the rest 70% would be donated to NGO to help others in need!

As for 2020, I will donate it to Rumah Faye, one of Indonesia's leading independent organisation for children, to free Indonesian children from abuse, trafficking, and exploitation through prevention, rescue, and recovery. I will share to you the info of donation on this page and Instagram by the end of 2020!

So, by buying me a book, you definitely helped me and many children in Indonesia! I'm beyond blessed to have you here and thank you endlessly for your supports, it means a lot to me more than you know. Have a blessed and lovely day ahead! :)