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I am a very curious Researcher in MAchine Learning and Micro-Services, and an Open Source lover and developer.

About me ? Hmm let's say I'm curious. Very curious. This curiosity drove me towards science. 

My main research topic is Machine-Learning. Once I started looking into it, I had no choice but to go deeper. There are so many possibilities and so many areas that could benefit from this knowledge !

I've also done a fair bit of Micro-Services research with the Latitude UnB research group! What we are creating is remarkable, but I can't go in details yet.

Besides all that, I Love Open Source development. Since 2016 I've been participating in Digital Ocean's Hacktoberfest every year. My two main programming languages are Golang and Python. I do fancy taking advantage of the Golang's better performance when it's reasonable, but Python is very useful (and it's the thing in ML). Wanna check some of what I do? Do check my GitHub Page!