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Aaric Eisenstein, The Avian Rebbe

A rebbe is many things.  I want to focus on being a teacher, an inspirer, and perhaps even a leader - guiding people to discover a better version of themselves.  The photos I offer together with lessons from Jewish tradition are my "curriculum."  Knowing that I positively impact people's lives and do honor to my Creator are the reward I want.

There are additional things I would like to be able to do:

- Hire a "helper" to do mechanics, freeing more time for photography/writing/teaching

- Offset costs for the website, trademark registrations(!?!), imaging software, travel, printing, etc.

- Make greater contributions of tzedakah

The Flock is a collection of people who value the Avian Rebbe's work enough to make a small financial investment.  These are people who believe in the underlying mission and share my goal of wanting to see the word spread more broadly.  These are people, who if we sat down together at a cafe, would insist on buying me a coffee....

I've been humbled by the number of people who have asked, "How can I help you take this to the next level?"  Candidly, I'm a little uneasy about "commercializing" this passion of mine.  I don't want to sell off the magic for a few hundred dollars - and I won't.  But the simple reality is this:  I don't need any individual's contribution.  $3 or $5 I've got.  But if 1,000 people give $5/month, then some very, very interesting things start to become possible.  That's why I'm starting The Flock.

What do you "get" if you join The Flock?  Nothing more than not joining.  Except the satisfaction of contributing to a mission of bringing some light and joy and education into the world.  Except being part of a community of like-minded people working together for an honorable goal.  Except the knowledge that you are also doing your part to make the world a better place without direct reward.

I believe - firmly - we can make this work.  The right way.  And I look forward to doing it together with The Flock.

Be Grounded.  Fly High.


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