WHATS UP EVERYONE, IM DOING AN UPDATE ON BRAND NEW TUBE, AS YOU ALL KNOW BRAND NEW TUBE WAS HACKED, THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THEY BEEN HACKED, THEY WERE HACKED BACK IN 2020. Suffering a major breech of their website, now whats happened is I have just had a message from someone who follows me on Brand New Tube, so they obviously had an account on brand new tube. NOw the hacker, what they are actually doing is contacting people who were on the site, as they have hacked the site this time where they have accessed all your personal details, they know your I.P address your user name your password, they got everything. The only reason i cannot show you this proof is because it shows the girls password i.p address everything!

The hacker has just sent it to her. Now i have been infomred i have done a little more research, i have discovered that this hacker has contacted everybody well almost everybody.. So what does this mean? This means that 1 Brand New Tube is NOT a good place for truth, now this is unfortunate for allot of people, its unfortunate for us aswell, but we have other channels. However Brand New Tube was our main channel after getting shut down from the official social media channels, meaning Facebook / YouTube & Twitter. So therfore truthers were forced to go to Brand New Tube, so know im feeling like we got set up you know..not saying thats what hapopened but that what it feels like. What i mean is that everybody has put all their time, investment, energy you know into building up a new platform, because whatever truth you was posting out before was not suitable for the old platforms, as now everytime you post something on youtube, facebook or Instagram your automatically getting a fact checker coming up if it goes against the grain. They give you all these notifications underneath and if it gets really bad you get blocked, your posts gets put to the end of the feed so nobody see it. 9 time sout of 10 you have spent allot of hours posting truth for nothing!

This is why allot of people because of all these restriction went over to Brand New Tube, a few of them did go to Bitchute, but as you know Bitchute, they pend allot of your videos. This caused more people to go over to Brand New Tube, now Brand New Tube was offering all these GOOD THINGS? come over here put your contents on, we dont censor anybody! The do pend your videos, enough of you know this, as you have contacted us and asked how come we are posting videos and they go up straight away! but they are posting videos and they are pending for hours and hours? So they do do that, they also have a feature where you had to pay where you would get featured on the main page, you had to pay for that you know! You also had to pay to do a live stream, now what happened then they got hacked that was the first time. So when he hacked then the first time everyone that was paying no longer had to pay, because they didnt know how to fix the system. So basically now you were allowed to do your live streams for free on the platform ( you still need a 3rd party to run stream through ).There was no option or way you could set up another direct debit in order to pay them so that system dissapeared.

Now there was a situation, they started building up their own things on there ( the owner ) they were promoting allot of people on there, people that they liked, this was after like i explained you use to pay to be featured. So now no one can pay to be featured so they dictate who get featured on the main home page. Now what i was finding was that with my videos on there, I would put something up ( A video ) and as soon as it got to a certain amount of views it would flatline... Or people who get 404 error, page dont work, not available in yoru country. So it felt like we were still being censored on BRand New Tube, yes we was number 3 on Brand New Tube for the most viewed channel.We should of been number 2 and what i mean by that is Vernon was number 1 for most viewed channel. Then there was allot of rigging going on rigging the numbers that what i am telling you. Yes i was putting the videos out, no they wasnt censoring me they was allowing me to out everything out, I only ever had 1 video censored, I was contacted by the owner and I was told to remove the video - so they didnt actually remove the video as i dont know if they even know how to remove the video. BUt i was contacted and told i needed to take it down, it wasnt like YouTube where you wake up to an email, we have removed the video. NO they contacted me and the video was about bloodmagick, adrenachrome and cannablism an indepth video explaining how it all connects together. Brand New Tube said people didnt need to see that, I felt at the time because of what i was teaching, the video was important and that people did need to see that. So they could see that these things were real and that it wasnt something people make up.

Back to the point what happens now, If BRand New Tube cannot get themselves back online as they cannot fix their website? Well theres 2 problems i was on there ( BNT) the last time they got hacked and i lost loads and loads of videos, meaning when sites like this get hacked your contents is not safe. So I hope you all backed up your contents, if you had put all your effort and energy into producing these videos and creating your channels. I am really dissapointed to be honest, im really dissapointed and the reason I am disspointed is because i felt that that was the only channel really that my news was really getting out, even though i was being censored on there. NOw i been chucked back over to Bitchute, which is full of trolls, its full of trolls! We still sort of have a profile on Facebook but it not the orginal channels we used to have on there ( powerfulmind 144 / mffuk shut down) The profile we now have no one even sees the posts unless you tag them!So whos knows where this leaves us, we alwasy said we would stop Jan 2022 we are still here, we are coming like BORIS! - But with all these things happening you have to appriciate, something could be telling us it time to EXIT! As you know to many things are now happening on the boards, you have all already see the plan we have layed it out in many way for you so everyone could understand and see. So at this point we should all know whats going on, I did feel the Brand New Tube Channel was important, as everythign we told you about the plan was there for you to see, it was easier to show you the stages, the stuff that they was doing to complete the goals. We could say look this is what we showed you last year and this is where we at now as people forget all makes sense when you can see timelines. All that was important and thats why i did like Brand New Tube, you can probably see i am a bit upset about that, but it is what it is. But you all going to need to know where to find the videos as now we might have an issue when it comes to the LIVE STREAMS!

We use stream yard which we pay a monthly sub for which allows us to run streams on multiple platforms. We can start running stream through telegram if you join the channel. All followers should have links we cannot share link atm due to security reasons stream can also be viewed on Twitter onmeditation for freedom uk here you can comment on live streams you cannot do this on telegram. Due to the contents put out in the live stream filiming often cuts out on facebook or will freeze allot. There are allot of platforms people recommend but most of them are about stupidness and not truth, i am not into all that i would prefer to put my energy into something else which i feel is more useful in helping people.

I can no longer encourage people to share my stuff not on social media as they will lose their channels and profiles. Seeing is believeing it has happened to many they never believe until it happens to them for posting our content. ITs contenst they dont want you to see this is why the information is way ahead of what they want to tell you. This is why Brand New Tube was important monthly live everybody come in and people can ask their questions and even though it streams on multiple platforms brand new tube always last the duration without getting blocked as lives last around 4 - 6 hours. As along the way Facebook will block it twitter will censor it or mute it, Facebook will liturally block it for anything they dont like, as what we are talking about is all the chessboards, meaning all the chessboards relate to stuff we are not suppose to talk about, or more so you are not suppose to know about. Example we told you about MRNA and people laughed and MSM censored us and said MRNA was not in the vaccines? Now in 2022 they promoting it on mainstream media TV its in the VACCINES NOW? We also posted a video which was their words back last year where they openly said how many people would of had it if they knew mrna was in it? that was dismissed also?? people dont believe nothing..

If you still want to watch our videos the best place sadly is BITCHUTE or you can find me on RUMBLE we havent really had any issues on Rumble, but we do have to be caerful with the contents as we have had 2 issues, as rumble coming like YouTube not so much on the censorship, buti have had 2 things removed Songbird clip and the rapture video. The videos were mixed in with the live stream but came under copywrite, meaning their tech is a bit more sensitive, so your not getting the full scoops! This is why I like Brand New Tube because as everything i wanted you to see, they was letting me put it out they want holding it back or muting parts of it. On BITCHUTE i have hundreds of videos from 2020 - now still pending never to be authorised! This is because they dont want you to see them videos just yet or hear the information presented. So putting things on BITCHUTE is a bit disheartening, as what allot of people do not realise. Everyones quick to say if your a truther go over to here go over to there.

People dont understand that to set up another channel is allot of work you are starting from scratch no one knows where you are so who is seeing your videos? it also takes up allot of your time which we are giving for FREE! Theres allot more to it you have to reupload all your catalogue of video again so you have references and link points when speaking about subjects which people can refer to. All this is hours and hours of work, whihc people dont see, whilst still expectingyou to push out the videos everyday! Yes we push out 6 - 10 videos a day thats standard for us, but when we start have turbulance like this when your main channel goes down and your website is messing up, then sometimes the turbulance take you off track. As now we playing cat an mouse, as now everytime i refernce something i havent got he video backed up ready for you to see as i always say go to our channel and you willbe able to see, what i am talking about in more detail. Now we cannot say that as all our videos for people to see for the chessboards was on Brand New Tube.

ON bitchute on some of them are there, also on 3speak only some of them are there. On instagram you will see all the screenshots but all the videos they relate to were on Brand New Tube. So now we have a problem, orginal backup 144 powerful maind was shut down on facebook early 2020 that was an archive channels full of the chessboards. The Youtube channel was shut down around same time, so really the only backup for you to see the plan was on Brand New Tube so..I feel like this is a problem so i need to decide weather there is any point to repush all that contents back out. However if you all need it come to telegram the video are backed up there as this channel was set up when i set up the brand new tube channel, so mirrored everything from the channel. Here you will be able to download the video instantly no software required just click on the video on download / save option will come up, nice and easy even for the computer novice.

There is issues if we upload full videos to other platforms as explained copywrite contents flags even though they are examples. You can view these videos on freespeak however the full catalogue is not on there. 3 speak is blockchain, but its still controlled by them so dont get it twisted, channel could still get shut down, so dont get excited. Its a fairlynew platform that allot of people dont know about, its not there just for the truthers, as there are enough people on there posting various video about various subjects and things. Im guessing its just a sprinkle of truthers on there, as mentioned allot of people dont know about this site. I found out from Max Igan this is how I know about this site which can be used as alternative platform. AS when the turbulance started they started shutting down the real truthers, Max was pushed in a corner like most truther veterans. This is what allot of people are starting to see now, as veteran truthers have all the videos that can prove all the stuff we were telling you. So by shutting down these channels this is how you burn books in 2019 - now go for the originals.

So right now on Brand New Tube they are burning books, not saying that there was allot of channels on there worth their sauce! As we dont really follow anybody, but Hugo Talks was on there and he was starting to pick up some pace. From 2020, i laughing when i say 2020 because when HUgo first come into my scopes as far as i am concerned he was really that awake, as mostof the stuff he was denying. One of the things for an example, Hugo has a backup so go find the proof on his channel In the beginning when it came to the food shortages all the real truthers were telling people to prep start stocking up food and supplies in 2020! Hugo told people there was nothing to worry about and it was just to make you panick. This turned out to be false there are creating a global food shoratge by design as part of the chessboards.

Hugo told people not to worry about food shortages, now hes woken up, he didnt believe in the aliens denied blue beam project, now hes talked about it, didnt beleive in the ritual magick and he talks about magick.. showing that it is real and that these people do rituals and leaves symbolism for everything that they are doing as explained in codex magica. He is yet to cover this, however this means he has come into his own enlightenment and the powers that be do not like that why? Because Hugo has a large following meaning the following he has the people have grown with him over the past months. What i mean by that is when they came along and found Hugo, he was probably at the same level of awareness as they were so they learnt together, starting building up knowledge together as the TRIBE, which is what Hugo calls his followers. So now to many of you are learning and they dont like that HUgo is waking people up!This is why its important that people learn at their own pace,if someone is to advanced for you start of with someone else this way you will understand more and it will make much more sense and not be dismissed by you. So Hugo was a problem on there

Vernon Coleman was a problem on there I dont really think Sonia Poulton was really a problem on there, she didnt even have a big enough following and her videos were only being viewed as they were being heavily promoted to everyone on site by MOhammed Butt the owner. Besides she never talked about the chessboards and what she did talk about was common knowledge anyway nothing she could of go in problems for. Any real trutherson her show were constantly called activist which left bad taste in people mouths! So i dont think she was a probem. The main issue the elite had with Brand New Tube and this is why they had it hacked was that allot of information was being put out on there and it was not being censored in the way the elite would like. Meaning its not going through the same filters as YouTube, Facebook and the other major platform who are aligned with the WEF have. So on Brand New Tube more people had access to the real information on multiple subjects surrounding the chessboards.