WORLD HEALTH SUMMIT - MRNA IS Gene Therapy Their Words - All is Coming to LIGHT

WORLD HEALTH SUMMIT MRNA GENE THERAPY THEIR WORDS NOT MINE... Sounds to me like YOU have been lied to and tricked by the devils MINIONS? Fact CHECKER will tell you its LIES .. BUT YOU HEARD IT YOURSELF BY SOMEONE WHO IS FULLY IN THE KNOW PLEASE GO RESEARCH THIS MAN : STEFAN OELRICH,  ⁣Stefan Oelrich has been a member of the Board of Management of Bayer AG and head of the Pharmaceuticals Division, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, since November 1, 2018. He is also responsible for the region Europe/Middle East.Oelrich was born in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, on June 1, 1968. After graduating from high school in Paris, France, he joined Bayer AG as a commercial trainee in 1989 and qualified as a commercial assistant in 1991. Over the next 20 years, he held a number of positions of increasing responsibility in the health care business in Latin America, Europe and the United States. In 1998, after working in Argentina and Uruguay, Oelrich transferred to headquarters in Leverkusen for two years before assuming responsibility for Pharmaceuticals in Belgium. Between 2003 and 2005, he was Vice President of Marketing at Pharmaceuticals in the United States. He was subsequently appointed President of Healthcare and Diagnostics in France. In 2006, Oelrich returned to the United States as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Women’s Healthcare.In 2011, he joined Sanofi as General Manager in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In 2015, Oelrich became head of Sanofi’s Diabetes and Cardiovascular business unit in Europe. At the same time, he served as Sanofi Europe Coordinator. In 2016, Oelrich became head of Sanofi’s global diabetes franchise. A year later, he was appointed Executive Vice President Diabetes & Cardiovascular on the Executive Committee of Sanofi.Since 2016, Oelrich has been a member of the Supervisory Board of the Berlin Institute of Health.




PROOF! WATCH IT ALL CONFIRMATION AS REQUESTED BY YOU THE VIEWER...... ⁣By any means possbible but they told you they would put tech inside the meds food and anything we consume? was you not paying attention the bible tells you do not use man made substances - WAKE UP YA BACKSIDES! THE ORGINAL POST THAT PEOPLE THOUGHT WAS FAKE : ⁣