The Creature from Jekyll Island By G Edward Griffin

In 1910, A Group of Six People Who Represented 25% Of the World’s Wealth Met at Jekyll Island to Discuss Creating a Central Bank. The Five Goals They Set for Themselves Were: Stop New Banks from Threatening Their Business; Obtain the Right to Create Money Out of Nothing; Get Control Over All Banks’ Reserves So That Reckless Ones Wouldn’t Be Exposed and Cause Panic in Other Banks; Convince Congress That This Was Done for Public Good; And Have Taxpayers Pay Any Losses Incurred by This Bank.

Where Does Money Come From? Where Does It Go? Who Makes It? The Money Magicians’ Secrets Are Unveiled. Here Is a Close Look at Their Mirrors and Smoke Machines, The Pulleys, Cogs, And Wheels That Create the Grand Illusion Called Money.

This Is a Story About Limitless Money and Hidden Global Power.