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Hey there! I'm Azalea Forrest, and I'm an indie fantasy author and freelance editor. My work tends to be Ghibli-esque, full of friendship, hope, and adventure.

Published works:
Witch in the Lighthouse || Fantasy, NA
The Underground || Dark/Urban Fantasy
A Bitter Drink || High Fantasy, Adventure

Please visit my Bio Link to find me around the web!

Editing Services:

I offer both content and copyediting for fiction works, preferably fantasy. I will consider editing fanfiction, but no N.S.F.W. I will also consider editing nonfiction. Please contact me with inquiries! Let me know your full word length, genre, general premise of your piece, and how soon you need it back by.

In content editing, I’ll be checking the overall flow of the piece, the structure, looking for any inconsistencies and plot holes, and making sure the characters appear original and believable.

In copyediting, I’ll be correcting grammar, dialogue tags, sentence structure, spelling: basically a thorough proofreading with some formatting* thrown in. (Meaning dialogue, paragraphing, etc, not MS/ebook/paperback etc)

I will require your work to be provided in Google Documents with comments enabled. I will edit as short as 1k words up to 100k. Please contact me for novels longer than 100k. I will read over your manuscript once and provide my edits, and then will go over any questions/additional feedback requests you may have in the comments section of the document after you have gone through my suggestions and feedback.

Please contact me for rates! I offer payment plans! I accept Paypal for payment. Please contact me here on BMAC or via e-mail with any questions! (visit my bio link!) I’m very excited to work with you.

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