The amazing Cheyanne Murray completed a commission for me recently: my dwarf lady, Clover Ironhammer! I am so happy with how she turned out! Look at her sideburns! Her cute grin! Those braids! That HAMMER! Those MUSCLES! I adore her.

Clover is one of the four characters in the main cast of A Bitter Drink, my upcoming high fantasy novel. Not only is Clover strong, but she has an interesting ability up her sleeve for those unfamiliar with Denerthan dwarves. She sings. Her songs can encourage and strengthen her companions, ease troubled minds, improve her crafting, and well, singing is just plain fun. Clover absolutely loves fun, but she's not afraid to give a good ass-kicking if necessary. :)

Ore's been going missing from the mines in Denerth, so Clover's come to Bisia, where A Bitter Drink takes place, to figure out what's been going on! Dwarves don't use aether like humans or elves do, so when her people find remnants of aether magic being used in the mines, it's no wonder her father, the chief, is suspicious. He sends her to the human capital to find help, and some answers.

What do you think? :) I'd love to answer any questions you might have about Clover or the Denerthan dwarves! And please check out Cheyanne's BMAC! She's open for commissions if you're interested.