Upcoming perks!

Upcoming perks!

Feb 14, 2022

Today I dove deep into my email looking for a copy of my birth certificate. I didn’t find it but I did unearth something even better (for your guys). I found notes from my old iMac and iPhone. The content starts in 2009 and goes until about 2012 aaaand BOY are there some gems in there! I was in the middle of a weird time where being a rapper was serious undertaking to me but music was beginning to shift toward the emotional drake era. Sooooo…supporters of this channel will get exclusive access to live streams, read only copies and video recordings of me performing some of the CRINGIEST bars, sappiest poems and shockingly enough, impressive song writing from my says of youth! 1 cup of coffee and you can watch me perform never before witnessed hits such as “BUS” or “Beauty Un-Satisfied” 🙄 I wrote while literally staring a lady in the FACE for a while bus ride as I made up whatever I thought she MIGHT think. I’m telling you, this shit is gold!

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