A picture of the B-17 during "bombs away". Seen, happened and photographed many times. But this B-17 closest to the camera has no unit markings on fuselage or tail. It won't be identified.

Only indications are the other B-17s in the picture with Square "J" on tail for the 390th Bomb Group and the good visible nose art.

The original image caption only stated: Bombing Bremen, October 1943.

B-17F-90-BO #42-30223 Rick-O-Shay aka Norma J

I have checked the mission list of the 390th Bomb Group and this Group flew to Bremen on 08 October 1943. This is the date of this picture. I also checked all 390th BG ship for that day and found this picture of "Norma J", which is the same nose art like the "unknown" B-17.

Crew on 08 October 1943

#42-30223 "Norma J" was flown by George E. Starnes crew of the day over Bremen, Germany on 08 October 1943.

Only two days later, on 10 October 1943. The Starnes crew lost their lives, except Tail Gunner, who became POW. They flew B-17F #42-3415 / Miss Behavin‘ on their final mission.