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Dec 31, 2022

The Reptilians/Drakos are not "Fallen Angels" -- that's all bollocks.

They came into this area of the universe through gateway-10, and then they blocked that Gateway off so no other good ETs could get into this area to straighten things out.

Def: Gateway is for planet-to-planet

Def: Potholes are same-planet, used like as transport to other cities/countries etc. Loads of them. Eg Florida to New York in a few seconds.

"NOT FOR EVERYONE" this will not be (nice) for those people with selfishness embedded into them, and competition (ie wanting to control and suppress others for their personal gain etc). Those who regard the 20% (us bright ones) as nothing, worthless people. They act like they KNOW IT ALL and we are dickheads. But this shift will not be for them

{ie that bad lot will wind up on Earth2 stuck in the 3rd Dimension to learn some lessons about life}.

The Greys are mainly foot-soldiers for the Reptilians. But they started to think for themselves and have their own agenda, The Greys are a dying species and want to survive, and they have been working with human DNA to as a way to upgrade themselves, to revert their fate by using our human DNA.

The Reptilians realised what they were up to. So the Reptilians intend to kill off the Greys when they are no longer needed, at the right time.

Same thing with the 2% 'Elites' on Earth; they think they have the Gold Ticket out of what was planned for the rest of this planet. They have been helping the Reptilians w/their agenda, expecting some reward for their loyalty. The 2% 'Elites' believe they will remain Elites in the aftermath of this depopulation agenda etc, ie rewarded for their loyalty to the Reptilians. But the Elites would have been wiped out too, just like the Greys, at the right time. {A small population would have been easy for the Reptilians to manage on their own; they would not need Greys or 'elite' humans to manage the surviving food stocks.

All the reptilians are going…

The CIA drove out any of their own (good) staff that wanted to make a difference, leaving just the criminal nutters in the CIA. The ones we see whistle-blowing are the ones that were driven out of the CIA.

Same with the MI5/MI6. They drove the good types out leaving the bad/nutters in their ranks. BUT they did keep a few good ones employed, so as to cover what they are doing.

MEN IN BLACK work with bad-CIA.

If two tall men in BLACK SUITS show up at your home at 2am in the morning, with a vid-camera and a child; well, you know what they are about: they will threaten to rape and kill your spouse and kids before you, and then kill you. That is how they obtain cooperation from those they need to manipulate.

All them that sold their sole – ie SIGNED THE CONTRACT; they felt that they were really trusted for doing that and helping all they could. The next level would be to consent to LEND their vessel to demons/reptilians so the Demons/Reps could use their body to get things done in this agenda. However, anyone that consented to demons and Reptilians using their body, after they consented, they were wiped out.

QUESTION: What happened to the ousted spirit/consciousness, after they were removed from their vessel? How were they killed (should not be able to kill a spirit, yes-no?)

The Reptilians took over other nearby planets (some with domes over them) and they controlled them too, to prevent Good ETs getting in to straighten things out. And they used these other planets for purpose of RESETS.

{presumably they took survivors off to those places to re-seed that other planet and do their reset that way?}

We on Earth are the only ones in the whole universe who AGE. The Reptilians caused us to AGE so that they would grab us every time we 'reincarnate' {presumably to re-programme us before returning us back into this matrix}

In the future, CLONES will be banned from Gateways, Portals, Planets, and everywhere throughout the universe. They will not be needed.

5D vessels do not need food. Just water and sunlight – they can live for months like that. They don't gain/lose weight.

Reptilians only live for 1000s years, but we can't die.

One of first things the Reptilians did (6000yrs ago) was to get us scared of death to control us.

We humans are full of knowledge and we know everything (EVERYTHING); it is just that we can't remember right now. Dulled down by the Reptilians. Soon we will recover all of our memory/knowledge.

EVERY YEAR, the Reptilians have been taking NINE MILLION CHILDREN from the planet, worldwide. That's the reason why PEDOS get out of prison after short sentences; it's to explain and brush off all the missing children reports. They need as many PEDOS out on the streets as possible to help with the cover story.

{Uk cops are disgusting. 2% arrests - what a joke. They don't care. They give us all them PR-detective PROGRAMMES they show us on TV. Sweeney, Miss Marple and Frost etc. Just bollocks to make us think the cops do law enforcement, when they work for this agenda, hoping for a Gold Ticket.}

What you will find is that a lot of the current deaths in your neighborhood, are due to this cleansing stuff (the recent chem trails) which have been harming those PEDOS, and that's why the ambulances take them away.

If you see any cop-mug-shots of PEDOS look into their eyes and notice that they all look stark. That's because they have been mind-controlled to do the PEDOS stuff (ie they are the cover for all the missing children). They tend to target poor families for the mind-control/implanting of PEDO tendencies because psychologists will explain it all away: poor home life, parents abuse of them, etc etc etc, and so they 'obviously went to abuse children.' It is all mind-controlling bollocks.

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