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Karen in UK

an emergency......needs the money by the 27thI sentt the money whatever you can donate would be wonderful

Funded by Matthew, O’Suzanna and 30 others

I would like to support Sandra again as she has very little  left after she pays her rentfrom her in Canada i was receiving 919$ a month, and that covers my rent of 900$...I was also receiving an extra 100$ a month, so i was able to afford the membership. Now, I am back to only getting enough to cover my rent..the 919$ bank charges are 11.95 a month, its just too tight..... so am unable to continue...; I sure appreciate everything,.. you all are wonderful. Thank you for everything, much love always

Funded by Angie Davis from WV, [email protected] and 25 others
to repair Foo765Boo home

Foo765BooHello bluewater and friends, i am having a panic attack because the sinkhole i thought i fixed is back now my master bathroom and bedroom are getting ready to snap ? I dont what i have done to deserve this attack , I've always tryed to honorable and raised and protected my family and baammm this happens to me .My home insurance wont cover it because they bailed out on me sayiny we quit covering sinkhole damage this april and i said why didnt u tell me . I found a guy who can fix for 4500 and i am short by 650 so i am stressed out by this destruction of my home and as im writing u guys my house is talking to me groaning and it may just snap right off so i am a little stressed so i am asking people to pray for me because i could use the help ? Why did this happen at the end of the movie and i asked trump for help 

Funded by Kandy Kindness, Shariee Hans and 25 others
christian Painting but money is to help acid pop

The Painting was made by acid pop will go to christian or Linda Paris..please say to who it should go to.This person is being evicted from their home unless they pay the back rent of $5,000.00All donations matter  does not matter the is the thought that counts to help this person. I will add some from what Blue Family has already donated to help others.acid pop on gab

Funded by Detroiter, Hayseed and 41 others
christian hotel and food expenses

To pay for hotel accomodations and food for his family while visiting Linda

Funded by Detroiter, Hayseed and 22 others