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Army veteran (OIF & OEF)/ Stoic/ Father of children/ Historical Fencer & Researcher/ Singer & Songwriter

BLUF:  Thank you so much for the 'coffee'. The support is fantastic and it gives me hope in mankind. Thank you.

People with combat related mental health issues, but really anyone who has PTSD, an anxiety disorder, and/or depression- these people do not generally go out and enjoy the 'going out' to see live music on thirst Thursdays. We can find live music recorded, but it is not made for us. I want to be a help to my fellow veterans and others afflicted.

So that's what I am going to do. I am going to record live shows and in between the songs I'll have a chat with or interview guests. My guests and I will talk about veterans issues (navigating the VA, etc) focusing only putting out best practices, verifiable facts and new science about PTSD, an anxiety disorder, and/or depression. 

Stasis is the band's name, enjoy: