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I'm the founder of Baamboozle, a platform for creating and sharing educational games.

It all started off as a PowerPoint game that I made while teaching English in Vietnam.

Today, Baamboozle is played in hundreds of thousands of classrooms all over the world. Thanks to the amazing games you've made, it's become an incredibly fun and effective resource for teachers everywhere. It has even won an AASL best website award.

You'll be excited to learn that development is ramping up on Baamboozle and lots of new features are on the way. You may have already noticed our improved search functionality. 

The best way you can help is to take our survey and if you're feeling generous, make a donation. Baamboozle has been running ad free for almost five years now and would not be where it is without your support.

2020 is shaping up to be the best year ever for Baamboozle. Your students are going to love what's in store!


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