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I'm in pursuit of perfection - what utter crap! Perfection is a myth. But yes, I'm constantly trying to hone my craft. I started blogging in 2011 when I moved to Boston. I'm trying to write since. I don't have the audacity to call myself a writer - for I know brilliant ones. I don't even call myself a poet. Not out of humility, but have you seen the deluge of new-age Instagram poets? This word has been abused, people!

I'm a girl who loves to write. That's all.

Many know me as Baawri Basanti. Few call me a drama queen. A very few call me a wordsmith. But no one, absolutely no one, will call me dishonest.

I'm blunt with my words. Raw in my expression. And fucking merciless when it comes to spilling truth on paper.

As a winner of Indian Blogger Award Poetry 2013, among top 6 Indian bloggers in creative writing in 2014, Best Indian Poetry blog in 2018 - I have a long way to go. My work has been published in an international anthology. I've won 34 blogging contests. But the most remarkable achievement of my writing journey - the growing number of people who copy my work. Oh, you copycats and plagiarists, you have my heart for your muted appreciation. Not my respect, though.

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