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Hi! I'm Ariane Arsenault, the owner of La Fille de la Mer, Savonnerie Artisanale, which means "Daughter of the Sea, Handmade Soaps". After 16 years in the soapmaking business, I have specialized in both Cold Processed and Melt & Pour soaps as well as other cosmetics. I am also known for my Youtube soapmaking channel, where many soapmakers go for inspiration and to learn tips and tricks. I was published in the collective “Naturally Saponified, An International Gallery of Artisan Soaps” and I am an occasional contributor with Modern Soapmaking and Lovin Soap. I am very active on social media and soaping forums. Besides soapmaking, I am the mother of three beautiful children, I live in the Magdalen Islands, I love gardening, being outdoors and I would love to travel to see the world a little more! For years now, I have been receiving emails from many people who look up to me and want some help to learn to make soap or start a soapmaking business. I didn't really know what to do with this, because I didn't offer these kind of services or counselling! Ideas have been rambling in my head and I realized Patreon would be a great place to create content and help those who have been seeking coaching, consulting and how-to's in the soapmaking and cosmetic area.