Buy baby Ella a bottle


Hello & Welcome!

Thank you for watching, sharing, donating & or ordering a commission. I deeply appreciate it!

As I count down the weeks til my baby is close to arrive in this world, like many young first time mothers I find myself questioning whether I'll be able to provide for my child emotionally, physically and financially, especially in times like these amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.In view of my current situation I've decided to create and open art commissions in order to raise funds so that I could afford to buy registry essentials.I created this page in order to build up a fund to afford registry essentials as well as create an emergency fund with any extra commissions once I fill my initial goals for my soon to be born baby girl Ella, due late August this year.

To order a commission, make a payment, or if you would simply like to donate because you like you'd like to support my art fund, I'll be using the "buy me a coffee" system, but instead you'll buy baby Ella a bottle. Whether you're able to afford multiple or just one, thank you for helping me reach my goal to raise money for my baby girl Ella. Every bottle counts!

Commission price : 1 bottle = $3

Categories may include from time to time art or designs, adoptables, reference sheets, etc.

1 bottle full colored Head shot/ 1 adopt / basic ref sheet. 

3 bottles full colored Half body/ 3 adopts/ 360 ref sheet.

5 bottles full colored Full body/ 6 adopts/ full detail ref.