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The Motion of Energy

The Motion of Energy

Aug 24, 2022

The Motion of Energy: Positive Expectation

The fact that Baccarat shoes are symmetrical is generally accepted by expert analysis. This symmetry is related to card value distribution. Perhaps I have mentioned this before, but it bares repeating. It is this very symmetry, baccarat's consistent and reliable quality, that makes play vulnerable. I am under the impression, that with enough experience, one can predict the most likely motion of Player and Banker bets. Think more in terms of direction and spread, rather than singular points. The area which would necessarily get the heavier bets, is inside of a spread, where the change of direction is between points outside it. The best place to bet the main line is therefore at the heart of any trend, the obvious consistent spread.  

My research has not been focused on this phenomenon. I am almost entirely focused on the pivot points which almost certainly yield pairs or ties. Pairs seem to show up at the weaker points of pivot. Ties seem to show up when there are overlays, stronger pivot points in symmetry. I am imagining that the same concept will apply to the main line bet. Some reason for increase in continued motion behavior will indicate an obvious Player or Banker result. I am looking forward to an in-depth study of mainline bets, applying all the knowledge I have gained about baccarat shoe behavior.

On another note, a good deal of footage was lost due to SD card corruption from the last shoot. Luckily, my videographer Casey Fera, uses redundancies and took multiple recordings. All the content I was hoping to capture is still available and as it turns out, the loss of footage actually saves time and allows the project to be completed sooner. This brings me to my next thought! 

You can think of energy as positive or negative. In some cases, neutral when positive and negative energy overlap and cancel each other out. I think this concept applies in almost all areas of life. How much the symmetry of baccarat can be used as an analogy for life, I am not sure. However, symmetry can be a positive reflection, of a positive image. Just because part of your life could be considered negative, doesn't mean the reflected image won't be positive. Some people would think of the negative as necessarily requiring a yin and yang type of balance TO positive. I think to some degree this is the Progression in life because of mindset. Perhaps this negative energy is not truly negative at all.

I have only recently discovered a way to perceive negative energy that is neither naive nor nihilistic. This mindset transforms the experience of negative energy, into a patient expectation of motion toward, positive energy. A bully, builds resilience and resourcefulness. A loss, is like a faded image as an underlying reflection of twice as much gain. A transgression such as theft of your possession, merely creates more room for the possessions you truly desire. What!? Is your money stolen!? Now imagine that this could not be the expectation in your life. That money is yours one way or another and the thief has no more power over your thought life then the bully.

I haven't had to deal with too many difficulties in my life. Perhaps this is because I am something of an optimistic person already. In many ways I had a strong desire to view the difficult times in my life optimistically as though the last were always at least half full. I think fear does have value but I think fear should almost excite us. Not in a blindly idealistic fashion, but in a way that says there's a challenge we can overcome. The fear and stress are not our continued expectation. Instead we are looking forward to the moment of triumph. The area of stress responds to your resistance, namely positive expectation, and pivots towards a positive result

Baccarat certainly has many reflections of life. How much a positive mindset can help you navigate the game, is perhaps more relative than absolute. Yet, it is this very positive mindset that can help you in your life and when you play the game. How would you play Life if it were a game and you are merely an avatar? Death, like the seed dropped from the flower, will just lead to another regeneration. What is fear but being controlled by that fear! Every decision I would have changed in my life was almost always directly caused by fearful mindset. Wouldn't you always be 100% honest with yourself and others if fear encouraged you!

So I say be fearless by enjoying the fear you experience. Expect the best in your life! Know that when the worst happens, Murphy's law is in fact for you, not against you, building pivot points of motion, toward and sustained, in positive energy.

Nothing can crush you or take away what has been gifted to you in life. What the world needs now is love, sweet love. That's the song that just came on the radio now. Expect the best for yourself and others even when it feels like only the worst can happen. Imagine good things for yourself and keep your mind in a good place. Don't ignore the negative energy, just take a break if it's too much. 

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