Buy Backbone Theatre, Film & Comedy a pizza


Backbone are currently working on a work-in-progress standup show for a number of dates in 2022 & 2023, including Brighton Fringe and Manchester's Women in Comedy Festival!

About the show...

Gentrif*cked (WIP)

This work-in-progress comedy show takes you on an exploration of finding your purpose in a world that's a little bit on fire... Gentrif*cked is a 45-minute journey through village life, thirty-something existential crises and... cults (?)!

At the moment all performances of the show are FREE but it is certainly not free to put on :/

It would be just wonderful if any lovely person could spare a bit of spare cash to support the development of the show over the next few months by buying us a hot drink, a pizza, or even a week's worth of both...

Thank you so much!

About the writer:

Award-winning comedian, actor and writer, Kate-Lois Elliott, has been rising fast on the scene with her self-deprecating millennial meltdowns.

She is one half of Diversify Podcast, whose guests have included Ria Lina, Maisie Adam and Tez Ilyas.

Her web series, How to be Maggie: With Maggie P, was nominated for the Writers' Guild Awards for best online comedy, as well as the Funny Women Content Creator Awards.

Her online work can be watched in full on Youtube, Instagram and the British Comedy Guide.

Her first novel was nominated for Penguin's Merky Books New Writer's Prize 2021.

About the company:

Backbone is a female-led company formed in September 2012. We are a diverse group of theatre and filmmakers who all believe that storytelling can change the world.

Backbone produce our own short films, theatre productions and standup comedy shows. Below The Hills was screened at several festivals in the UK, Europe and US and won Best Experimental at the Lisbon New Cinema Festival 2020. Our first show, The Bistro, was a site-specific piece first shown at the Bush Theatre in November 2012 and at The Roundhouse in May 2013.

We have produced monthly events at Theatre Deli, providing writers with the opportunity to workshop their scripts – at any stage of development – with a group of dedicated actors. We provide that extra push that creatives often need to get their work off the ground: a safe space, with actors and industry professionals, where we can workshop and showcase ideas, with the nights tailored to the needs of the writer and their process. Many of the scripts we develop go on to take shape as full productions, either with Backbone Theatre and Film or independently.