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Backbone Theatre is a female led, collaborative company formed in 2012. We are a diverse group of theatre and film makers who all believe that storytelling can change the world.

Stories need to be told: they allow us to see the world differently, fuel our imagination and what we find in them can inspire us to live more fully. Real stories from real people always fuel our work, because once you’re able to empathise with one person’s story, you’ll be able to understand entire communities better.

Normally we produce monthly events at Theatre Deli, providing writers with the opportunity to workshop their scripts – at any stage of development – with a group of dedicated actors. We provide that extra push that creatives often need to get their work off the ground: a safe space, with actors and industry professionals, where we can workshop and showcase ideas, with the nights tailored to the needs of the writer and their process. Many of the scripts we develop go on to take shape as full productions, either with Backbone Theatre and Film or independently.

Our first show, The Bistro, was a site-specific piece first shown at the Bush Theatre in November 2012 and at the The Roundhouse in May 2013.

Our first two short films, Koschei The Deathless and Below The Hills are being submitted for festivals in 2020.

Since lockdown, our producer, Kate-Lois Elliott, has been making regular Youtube videos of short form comedy.

All our productions, films and workshops are run for free, and any costs come out of the pocket of our producer and collaborators.