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Like millions of others, I lost my only source of income during COVID-19. It was tough and I couldn't sleep. The bills were piling up.

I remember thinking "So this is what depression feels like?" 

I wasn't used to it. Nor was I planning on getting used to it.

So instead of crying myself to sleep, I decided to leverage 15 years of trading knowledge and experience. I've probably read over 100 books on the topic and was a full-time trader during the 2008 crash.  (I just find the human side of trading truly fascinating.)

After several coffee-fueled, sleepless nights, I created a tool specifically for trading stocks during COVID-19:

As far as I know, there's no tool out there (free or paid) that will take into account z-score, fundamentals, and technical analysis all in one place. Not to mention the pre-screening required for that "protective layer."

Anyway, this tool has helped me stay afloat with my bills. And the info it provides is my only source of income at the moment.

I've passed it on to many friends and they've all found it useful (some even made six-figures). I was even pressured to charge for it. To me, the world is in a tough enough place right nowand I think this will help those who are in my position. will especially come in handy if we're looking at another massive drop. So, if you've found it helpful, please share with family, friends, and social media. That way we can all exercise prudence and build strong long-term portfolios for our families.

This isn't professional financial advice. Trade responsibly! Don't be a dummy. :)