Minimalist wall hanging baskets

Height with hook- 30 cm, width-18cm. Free gift box

In this basket you can store: fruits, nuts, onion, garlic, flowers, tomato, bathroom accessories, Christmas jrnaments I am sure that you will find a use for baskets !

COLOURS: natural beige color jute


*Wet manual cleaning with soap is allowed

* Do not tumble dry

* Allow to dry naturally in a well-ventilated area.

100% handmade-eco-friendly crochet baskets!

  • Christmas decor gift

  • Easter decor gift

  • Valentines Day gift

  • Storage&Jrganization

  • Kitchen and dining baskets

  • Eco-friendly jute gift

  • RV gift

  • Zero waste kitchen

  • Home decor

  • Gardens decor

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Each item is unique. The shape and size may vary. The color of cord might be non-uniform or slightly different from one item to another.