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5 On-Demand Handyman Service Providers In The USA

Jan 04, 2023

Availing service from professionals on general household repair is getting high lately. Platforms like Chorestop are leading the increasing trend of hiring handyperson for the common repair of your household problem. Stay tuned till the end to know 5 on-demand handyman service providers in the USA.


Chorestop is one of the fast-growing platforms for resolving the most common household problems. Chorestop is committed to providing services that are done in a professional matter. They have the vision to utilize technological advancement through digital facilities.

For Americans, Chorestop is the first name that comes to mind to call for assistance when they need to fix something. They ensure that you get the best handyman to solve your problem.

In addition to handyman services, Chorestop also excels at providing beauty, health & wellness services.


Taskrabbit is another popular on-demand handyman service provider in the USA. You can comfortably book them for a wide range of house care services. Their services include house cleaning, grocery shopping, and furniture assembly.

Currently, they are operating services in 47 cities.

TaskRabbit is also popular for taskers looking to find work in their local area. This is an excellent opportunity for handypersons who want to be their own boss. You can build a brand name of your own and set your desired rate for your labor.

House Joy

House Joy is an excellent app with a highly comfortable user interface. You don’t need to look inside various menu buttons to get what you are looking for. For top-notch quality in plumbing services, House Joy provides well-trained plumbers.

In House Joy, you can book services on a real-time basis which is beneficial for getting a lower price.

AtoZ Service

AtoZ service is an extraordinary online platform for anyone to use their service. The plain, straightforward design of the AtoZ service makes it easier for people who are always in a hurry.


UrbanClap is another great platform to hire an exclusive maintenance specialist. They are known for transparent pricing, well-trained professionals, and well-equipped appliances.

UrbanClap apps are available on both android and iOS platforms for free. Moreover, they also operate a business outside of the USA, and they prioritize US citizens.

How Handyman Service Platforms Operate

Top handyman service providers follow a standard operating procedure to ensure smooth, effective, and flawless services to the clients.

The fundamental workflow is given below:

The client has to sign up and log in to the respective platform

They have to add required information in the profile

The client then has to select the necessary service from the service provider

The client can schedule a date and time for the tasker to come

The app/website will show you the asking price of the tasker with other fees

If you confirm the booking, then the agreement is done

The handyman, you will arrive at your given destination as per schedule

After completion of the task, you can rate and give reviews of the service you have got

Top handyman services are incessantly working to modify and develop a better platform for the clients to get ahead of the competitors.

Service Model of Chorestop

Chorestop is one of the finest on-demand handyman service providers in the USA. In this section, you can know about the service model of Chorestop.

Chorestop Membership Plan

Chorestop has three membership models. The first one is a basic plan, and the subscription is free. With basic membership, you can avail of the following services from them:


40% discount on initial virtual assistance

Access to the blog post

Order from a shop or compare the price

Secondly, you can subscribe to the Premium plan. Premium membership entitles you to all services under the basic plan. In addition to that, you get a “free second opinion service” for the first time. The subscription fee for this package is $10.99 yearly.

Finally, you get the Premium Plus plan for a $29.99 yearly fee. With this subscription, you can get all the facilities of basic and premium plans. The extra feature of this plan is a free accident prevention tour of your residence one time. This can save you from spending a lot on various housekeeping services, as most fragile issues are fixed during the free maintenance tour.


Many regional on-demand handyman service providers in the USA operate locally. If you cannot find any of the listed service providers around your area, then you can give them a tryout.

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