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Dirty laundry

Mar 16, 2021

Clothes hangers representing my thoughts.

What will I wear today?

I open my thought closet.

An abundance of clothes hangers staring me in the face.

I haven't looked at them in a while.

It's an organized mess.

I look from afar,

And reach for a hanger.

It says

"You're a burden".

I toss it into the dirty laundry,

My anxious brain;

The machine,

On spin cycle.

I take down another metaphorical clothes hanger.

This one reads

"You've done something wrong".

I don't feel like wearing it today;

Into the dirty laundry it goes.

My anxious brain;

The machine,

Is on spin cycle.

I sort through my thought closet

Until something catches my eye.

A hanger

Which says

"You're okay".

I think I'll wear this today.

I take it out

And close my thought closet.

My anxious brain,


©Copyright 2021

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