Mar 02, 2021


She’s gotten a little lost along the way

Lost in her twenty- something year journey

These shadows follow her everywhere; She wishes they would just

go away.

Feeling like a lost little Blue Jay

Lost along the path of worry

Fearing a shadow of a person she won’t want to be one day

Lost on the road with the path leading one way

She wants to be a Wendy; why grow up in such a hurry?

A child she wants to stay

“Beauty like Snow White I’ll have” she prays

Her life has been a little bit blurry

She’s hoping that will change someday

The cloud floating above her head is grey

Always feeling of fury

She isn’t promised another day

On her pillow her head lay

Wiping her tears in a scurry;

Pretending to be okay.

Lost in the pillow of her worries

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