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The mind of A Happy Person

May 08, 2021

The mind of a happy person

Is something I've never understood.

Do you wake up with it?

Is it some kind of magic?

I ponder to myself for a while.

Thirty years to be exact.

I wake up from my thirty year epiphany on May 31

My thirtieth birthday

I feel different.

Like I'm new to this life.

I breathe a breath of fresh air,

And become aware.

Aware of my surroundings

Aware of my emotions.

Aware of life.

And suddenly

I realize,

I'm a different person now.



I celebrate life

Because it was almost taken away.

I celebrate happiness

For the first time

In thirty years

And that is the best birthday gift of all.

The mind of a happy person

Is something I finally understand

© Copyright 2021

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