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I am Balaji Rao, Founder cum Maker of SelfSchool, PromoZ, Inside Bill's Bookshelf, and a series of upcoming side projects to help makers and builders. First of all thanks for your support of my previous products - SelfSchool, PromoZ. As we speak SelfSchool and PromoZ are at #3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt with over 380+ Upvotes. 🚀

With the kind of support SelfSchool has received, I realized that there is a high demand for self-teaching and discovery platforms that can help creators learn and explore curated resources. 

Along the same lines, I am happy to launch my new product - Inside Bill's Bookshelf. A platform to explore 75+ book recommendations with videos by Bill Gates himself to help you pick your first book to start off reading. 

Reading is something that every successful personality had to build over time, when are you doing it? ✌

I will keep on trying to build and curate the best discovery platforms for makers. If you are someone who aligns with my vision. All I would say is to come on.

You can donate to help me keep my existing projects afloat and upcoming projects intact. 👉

I want to say again "I really appreciate your support"


Balaji Rao

Building discovery platforms for makers. 

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