NFTs can be very complex, difficult to understand, and requires prior knowledge of wallets, cryptos, exchanges and so on. To mint your first NFT you will have to go through 5-6 complicated tasks from different websites from creating a crypto wallet, to setting up an exchange account, to selecting the cryptocurrency, funding your wallet, find the right marketplace, linking wallet to marketplace and then you reach a place from where you can begin! Lets not even talk about the gas fees and the signing on the every transaction, change of network, crypto type, and so on.

For each tasks there are multiple websites you have to visit and risks involved are super high for non technical folks who are not into the technology. Its intimidating, we are like you! So we thought of changing this and went about building 

We are excited to announce our new NFT minting experience! Our goal was to make the process simple and intuitive for simple people. Think of it as an Amazon of NFT, only here you also get to make something, sell and earn!

If you are an artist who is looking to sell your art but had a tough time figuring out the tech, we are here to help. Upload your art, let us do the hard work. In a few minutes your NFT will be ready. We will send you a confirmation when done.

Our team has been working hard to build out this product. We hope it simplifies life and learning for you around NFTs a little! If you liked us, send us some coffee!  If not, ping us here and we will try to fix things. We are young so we know you will forgive us for honest mistakes!


 How does it work?

1. Sign in with normal email at

2. Click "Create" to upload the photo 

3. Add some details about it.

4. Make payment and go!


You have minted your first NFT!