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Collective garden land (For A tiny house)

People say don't share your dreams or else it won't come true hehe...Well this is different right?For years now I'm dreaming of setting up at least a semi permanent retreat for myself, with surprise surprise...a tiny container house.It is still possible to find cheap land like this in my country, and I miss living one with nature dearly. I'm not a city person at heart.So this plot would be more or less 600sq meters or about 2000 sq feet.Perfect for a housy, a garden, and maybe somekinda workshop.I've got lots of ideas, as you might know from social could be anything from storing my shop, painting, woodworking or pottery for historical reenactment or...maybe you wanna drop me an idea?So yeah, I am trying to slowly work towards this myself, but seeing this new feature on here, made my fingers itch to put it ''on paper''.

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