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Hey 👋 We’re Alexandra and Dave.

We retired in 2011 and since then we’ve been exploring this beautiful world we live in. We’ve sailed “Banyan” from Nova Scotia all the way to the Eastern Caribbean. Then we sailed her to the Western side and her home is now in Guatemala.  We’ve RV’d across North America in our Leisure Travel Van, Unity IB, just “a few” times, we’re Leisure Explorers!  We love exploring this beautiful world we live in and do so any way we can. Always open to new adventures, either in our own neighbourhoods, or perhaps you might find us in yours? 

If we’re not out exploring, we’re striving to do some good. For example, our photo above was taken when we were volunteer Park Hosts in Cambridge Cay, Exuma Land and Sea Park, Bahamas. In the Western Carribean, we’ve been volunteering with “Friends of Rio Dulce, Guatemala.” 

If you’ve been reading our last 8 years of blogs you know that we take nothing but photographs and leave behind nothing but tales of (many) words.  

You know how much we love our coffee, right? ☕️

Your generous support in buying me a coffee or two will keep me hyped with caffeine as I work towards building the future network I’d like to have as I go all indie rogue. I’m just a girl with a need to express my creative soul. 

Tashi Deley,

“We live to adventure and we adventure to live: see you somewhere south of somewhere”