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吃冰的貓咪 Cat eating ice

吃冰的貓咪 Cat eating ice

May 13, 2021


"People are eating ice cream~"



"Licking Hair Series Two"

The cute cat licks so cute, completely different from the last one🤣




In other words, it’s really too hot these few days. I usually don’t eat ice and I ate a popsicle yesterday😛

This kind of extreme climate makes people more and more unbearable. It is really starting to pay attention to the issue of caring for the earth and let the earth breathe. Even small actions may not help much by one person, but the accumulation of many people can slow down the earth. Burdens, such as reducing the air-conditioning for a few hours, turning off the lights, taking more public transportation, and reducing the number of meat meals can effectively help climate change! I can’t do my best by myself, but it’s a good thing to do it when I think of it, right? In addition, everyone should pay more attention to hydration and sun protection. If possible, don't go out at noon!


(Cats are photos on the Internet)









My goal is to make half of the donation to TNR or other stray animal charities in Taiwan after every $500 raised in "Buy My Coffee". When I reach the goal, I will attach a proof of donation.

But I hope that every friend will reward me because they appreciate me, not because of donations. After all, everyone can help other animals by themselves.


(Why an animal?)

I feel that animals are more helpless and bearable than humans, but I also donate to groups like Amnesty International when necessary

(What organization is TNR?)

TNR means T capture, N sterilization, and R in situ release. This organization is mainly to help stray cats. It is friendly to help people's living environment and the survival rights of stray cats, and it is to maintain a better ecological balance in Taiwan.

I hope I like my work and then sponsor me. If you just want to help animals, you can directly search for "TNR" to help them 🐱❤️

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