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Welcome Dear Reader,
this page is home for Karen and James' story, which comes in different forms. A long format graphic novel and a comic strip. Karen is a nurse, who's struggling with everyday life's challenges, like anxiety, grief, family and work relations and cleaning her apartment. At her side James, the flying pig friend who tries to be the voice of reason and emotional support.
The graphic novel has a definite arc where our heroine tries to deal with the aftermath of a suicide attempt. It has a more serious tone, with themes that include mental health, substance abuse and other psychological issues.
The strip is more lighthearted, with comedic undertones, but still mature audience oriented.

If you subscribe, you can follow the birth of the graphic novel, with regular updates, high resolution files and behind the scene materials. The strip is available to read for free here, or my other social media platforms, like Instagram, or Béhance. Even if you don't subscribe, but decide to give me a one time support is greatly appreciated, as it would help me become a full time cartoonist, which means I can focus solely on my craft and give you the best possible stories I can create.

Hope to have you along the journey!